Grandpa and Grandma Get Sappy

Tapping trees is a family tradition. Grandma has fond memories of making maple syrup as a child in central Wisconsin. Grandpa, being a farm boy, has always been passionate about living off the land. With these roots, it was natural to give tapping a try after starting a family of their own. Steve, Kathy, four energetic boys, and a blonde-haired girl spent many hours in the woods tapping maples – and a few that weren’t that first year. From then on, springs were filled with kids running about with sap buckets in tow or finishing up homework while putting another log on the fire in the sugar shack.

The kids grew. So did the love of tapping. To ensure the grandkids discovered the wonder of tapping, Grandpa and Grandma purchased 80-acres nestled on the skyline of Duluth, MN. It is here that Burgess Family Sugarhouse has flourished, producing hundreds of gallons of syrup a year. For our family’s enjoyment—and yours.